Electrical Problems: Why Won’t My Car Start?

When it comes to Auto Electrical Starting Problems there are certainly things that can be unsettling: the illumination of the check engine light, a strange noise, a weird vibration, and so on. But the thing that is most unnerving, and most troubling, is simply a car that will not start.

There are several reasons your Auto Electric System may not be able to fire up the engine, the following being the four most common reasons. If your car won’t start, be sure to trust the repairs to a knowledgeable, experienced mechanic.

Dead battery

The most common issue is also a relatively simple one. A dead battery will prevent your car from starting as it is what provides the necessary electrical juice to get everything up and running. A jump start can generally resolve this issue, but from time to time the battery will need to be replaced.

Failed starter

The starter motor is designed to get the pistons moving up and down in order to create the motion necessary to allow the engine to run on its own. If the starter motor fails you will often hear a single click or a series of clicking noises when you turn the key.

Dead alternator

When your vehicle is running the power accessories and other electrical equipment is powered by the alternator. The alternator also is what keeps the battery charged. If the alternator fails you will suffer from a dead battery, but prior to that happening you will likely experience strange occurrences surrounding the use of electrical accessories. This includes trouble with power seats, windows or the radio.

Other Causes

Your car requires fuel, spark and air in order to run. If fuel is not being delivered from the tank (make sure you aren’t out of gas) the engine will crank over and over without starting up. Fuel problems can be caused by a broken fuel pump, clogged fuel filter or faulty fuel injectors. A good auto repair shop can save you a lot of time an energy. Fuel problems can be a tough problem to solve unless you have a lot of experience with it.

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