Why Are Scheduled Auto Maintenance & Tune Ups Necessary?

Many people visit the doctor’s office once a year for a wellness check, as a form of preventative healthcare. People generally have no problem doing this as it helps to ensure they are not suffering from any ailments or at risk of any health related problems. It is no secret that falling ill can not only be detrimental to your physical and mental well-being, but it can also drain your bank account. The same can be said about auto maintenance and breakdowns.

While your car isn’t going to catch the common cold, it too can suffer numerous issues if not provided with proper preventative treatments, better known as preventative auto maintenance. Every vehicle is designed with future maintenance needs in mind, and these check up appointments are printed inside your owner’s manual.

It may seem strange to take your vehicle to the auto repair shop for maintenance when it is running just fine, but it is important to provide the car with certain services in order to ensure it continues to do so. The following are 3 important reasons to always keep up with scheduled auto maintenance.

Prevents breakdowns

During routine maintenance small parts such as belts and hoses are replaced, and fluids are drained and refilled. A tune up replaces needed ignition parts. Completing these services ensures that the parts and vehicle systems don’t fail, which could lead to a breakdown. Fluid flushes for the brakes, power steering, transmission, differential and cooling system are imperative to the whole health of your vehicle. As these fluids age they breakdown and lose the properties they require to be able to properly do their job.

Saves you money

If your car does suffer a breakdown it will likely result in the need for repairs that are going to cost much more than what routine maintenance would have. For example, replacing the timing belt could cost $300, but if the belt snaps, it can potentially cause your engine’s timing to be thrown out of sync, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of internal engine damage. That’s quite a chunk of change that you could have avoided having to spend.

Keeps warranties valid

Another important reason to always provide your car or truck with scheduled maintenance is to ensure any existing warranties remain valid. By denying your vehicle of these important services you will likely lose any perks and coverage that your dealer or extended warranty offers.

When it is time for maintenance, including 30/60/90K services, oil changes or auto tune ups, don’t put it off, just get it done! To make an appointment for quality auto maintenance in Mountain View, CA, Palo Alto, CA or the surrounding communities give A-1 Auto Tech a call at (650) 487-2240.

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