Why do Cars Need Oil Changes?

There are many services that all cars require in order to remain in proper operating condition. Without routine auto maintenance cars will quickly fall into despair, which could lead to a need for massive auto repair. To prevent that from happening be sure to keep up with all your auto’s maintenance needs, which includes oil changes. That is why oil changes are so important.

For most cars this service is necessary every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But why so often? There are a few reasons why it is important to never put off or skip oil changes.

Regulate engine temperature

Fresh oil helps to regulate the operating temperature of the engine. While the cooling system can generally perform this task on its own oil flows through areas of the engine that coolant can’t.

It also prevents heat from being created by reducing the friction among the engine’s moving parts. Lastly, fresh oil is engineered to absorb heat. As the oil ages it loses it’s ability to provide adequate lubrication or to absorb the excess heat being created.

Remove engine sludge

When oil is flowing through the engine it picks up contaminants as dirt, dust, metal flakes and other light debris. The longer you go without an oil change the more of this unwanted gunk mixes with the oil. This results in the oil changing from a smooth liquid to a gunky sludge which makes it difficult for the engine to perform. As a result you will see a loss in engine power and drop in fuel economy, until the sludge is removed during an oil change and replaced with fresh oil.

Ensure proper lubrication

The most important reason to always have your oil changed at the proper mileage marker is to ensure that the motor is well lubricated. Without lubrication the moving parts of the motor will grind together, causing parts to quickly wear out which will likely lead to a massive break down.

Maintenance overview

Another great reason to visit the auto repair shop for an oil change every time your car is due to is to allow professional technicians to take a look at your car. They will be able to identify any potential issues and let you know what your options are for repair or maintenance.

Auto maintenance is crucial for each and every vehicle. Always be sure to follow your factory maintenance schedule calendar, which can be found inside the owner’s manual of your car or truck.

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