What Is An Auto Tune Up & Other Preventative Maintenance?

For many people owning a vehicle is a great pleasure. It gives them the freedom to easily reach the places they need to go, an excuse to cruise the open road with no particular destination and it allows them to provide transportation for their family. While it is easy to take car ownership for granted, it is important that you give your car the attention it deserves in order to provide you with years of worry free miles.

All cars require preventative maintenance in order to reduce and hopefully eliminate the chance of a breakdown that is caused by some sort of part failure. So what exactly is preventative maintenance? These are some of the common procedures cars receive when serviced by a professional auto technician.

Tune Up Services

Ask 10 mechanics what a tune up is and you will likely get 10 different answers. This is because the term continues to evolve, but auto tune up maintenance generally include replacing spark plugs and spark plug wires, air and fuel filter replacement and more. These services need to be completed at different mileage intervals, depending on the car. Ask your technician when your car is due for these services that keep the engine running smooth.

Scheduled Maintenance

All vehicles come with a service schedule that needs to be followed to keep the car running healthy. These services, which include 30/60/90K maintenance, cooling system flush, transmission flush, power steering flush and more, all help keep the vehicle’s numerous systems operating smoothly.

Timing Belt Replacement

One of the most important preventative maintenance services that all vehicles need is a timing belt replacement. The timing belt keeps the motor’s internal parts spinning in sync and after many miles of use, it may snap.

Should the belt snap it will likely result in major damage to the motor, requiring expensive and extensive repair. These service usually needs to be completed between 70,000 and 105,000 miles. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual to find out exactly when your vehicle is due.

Do yourself a favor and keep up to date with all scheduled maintenance services. This will help prevent the possibility of needing any sort of repair in the future for your vehicle’s engine, transmission and numerous other systems. If you need preventative auto maintenance in Mountain View be sure to contact A-1 Auto Tech Inc.

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