Automotive Service: Why Air Conditioner Failure In The Winter?

Everyone hopes they do not need auto service in the winter. That is the worst time for car problems. And did you know that the parts of your car you don’t use in the winter may go bad during this season? This is especially true with a vehicle’s air conditioner.

This winter you may want to run your AC from time to time! It may be cold, but it will keep your system working right. There are many cases in which the AC works just fine the last time you use it in late summer or fall only to find no cold air blowing once spring comes around. So what can happen during the winter that will cause the AC to fail?

What Causes AC failure

There are a few common causes of air conditioning failure. It’s hard not to notice if something is amiss within the system. Perhaps the fact that there is no, or insufficient air blowing from the vents. Well, let’s take a look at these issues that will result in a need for AC repair to restore your comfortable ride.

Refrigerant Loss

One of the more common causes of an AC unit failing is generally called black death. This happens when the refrigerant in the system begins to break down inside the compressor. This results in excessive wear and tear of the AC system because tiny metal flakes that are created as the compressor breaks down will float throughout the AC system, carried about by the refrigerant. This then results in the inability to not only produce colder air, but eventually it will not be able to generate any airflow.

Mildew & Mold

If you do not use the the AC in the cooler winter months it gives mold and mildew a prime opportunity to build up in the AC system. This can actually block air from passing through the vents that lead to the cabin, resulting in weak or even no airflow.

If you happen to be in town to tour GooglePlex here in Mountain View, the last thing that you want is to be dealing with car problems, especially mold.

Failed AC Parts

There’s a number of mechanical parts in the AC system that may fail that could result in a lack of refreshing air. This may include the failure of the blower motor, compressor, compressor clutch, blower motor resistor, AC switch, AC fuse, AC relay, control module or others numerous parts.

Freon Leak

A Freon leak from a failed hose, seal or o-ring can be devastating to the AC system. This could cause moisture damage within the system if it is not quickly detected.

Be sure to run your AC from time to time this month if you want to ensure you get that nice breeze in the months ahead. If you do find your ca in need of air conditioner repair in Mountain View the team at A-1 Auto Tech can get you situated.

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