Transmission Service Mountain View, CA

There is one place in the Mountain View area that knows transmissions better than everyone else. That is A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. We have proven to our valued customers that we have the best transmission shop in the state. Our high quality transmission repairs and service all begin with an excellent understanding of how transmissions work.

When it comes time for your transmission on your vehicle to be serviced, stop by A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. We are more than happy to make sure your transmission is well taken care of. If you take care of your transmission, it will take care of you for a long time.

New Fluid

The key to having a long-lasting transmission is proper lubrication. Your transmission houses a large amount of fluid which serves to lubricate and also cool the transmission. There are so many moving parts inside your transmission that all need lubrication to ensure that they don’t wear out and that they work together smoothly.

Getting rid of this old dirty fluid and replacing it with new fluid will ensure that your vehicle lasts as long as possible. Every manufacturer recommends different intervals at which you should get your fluid changed. A good rule of thumb is every 30,000 miles.

Why Though?

Why do you really need to get your transmission fluid changed? Over time, the fluid in your transmission will start to develop gunk. This gunk prevents proper lubrication and can damage the transmission. Another problem that develops over time is contaminants. As the transmission is being used, on occasion, fragments of the transmission components will break off. This then floats around in the oil and can interfere with proper transmission function.

These small bits could be small pieces of metal or even fiber from the clutch. Whatever they may be, they will severely affect the life of your transmission. That is why it is so important that your transmission receives new fluid.

What is a Flush?

A flush uses a machine to suck the old transmission fluid out and hold it while it replenishes the transmission with new fluid. The benefits of this are that it removes essentially all of the dirty oil and also serves to clean out the debri from the transmission. This allows for the oil to flow well throughout the transmission and to properly lubricate.

Although a flush is more expensive than an oil change, it is crucial to the life of your transmission and needs to be performed much less frequently.

We Know Transmissions

Here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc., we know transmissions. With over 40 years diagnosing, repairing, and doing tranny service, we have come to know and love them. When it comes time for your transmission to be serviced, we hope that you can stop by and count on us to get the job done.

There’s a reason we’ve been in the auto business so long. People like us. We know that you will too. Don’t hesitate to stop by our shop today and to meet with our friendly technicians about your vehicle’s needs.