Tire Rotations Mountain View, CA

Wheel alignment isn’t the only thing that ensures that tires last as long as possible. Tire rotations are also very important to ensure that your tires last as long as possible. In order for you to get the most life out of your tires, you will want to regularly be rotating your tires and getting them aligned.

Our skilled technicians are the wheel experts. We have the best wheel alignment shop in the state and are more than happy to help you with all of your tire needs. We can have your tires rotated in no time at all!

Why Rotate Tires?

Your tires need to be rotated to ensure that they all wear evenly. Your vehicle’s weight is not distributed evenly. The front of your vehicle is often way heavier because the engine is up there. This means that the tires in the front of your car are more weighed down. Over time, this will cause them to wear out more quickly than the rear tires.

That is why the tires are rotated. It makes sure that all of the tires get their chance to bear the heavier load. This ensures that the tires all last the same amount of time.

How To Rotate Tires

Tires are rotated in an x pattern. This ensures that the front and back tires are swapped. It also allows all of the tires to be on both the right and left side.

We aim to please each and every customer. If you have any special requests while we are rotating your tires, we are more than happy to honor them. Oftentimes, people will have two tires that are newer than the others. They will want those tires to be in the back to ensure that they get the best traction. If you have any requests like that, we are happy to honor them!

Tire Rotation Experts

Our skilled technicians are the tire rotation experts. We have performed thousands of tire rotations. We recommend that tires are rotated every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. By doing this you can maximize the life of your tires and ensure that they wear evenly.

Our skilled technicians can easily squeeze you into their schedules. We can have your tires rotated in no time at all. While you wait in our comfortable waiting room, we will be hard at work to get your tires rotated as fast as possible.

Come See Us

So when it’s time for your next tire rotation, you can count on us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. We will do our best to make your tire rotation experience with us as simple as possible. Our mechanics will be hard at work to make sure that you get exactly what you are expecting to get. We will do an excellent job and avoid damaging components such as the tire pressure monitor system.

We know that you will be surprised with the speed at which our technicians can work. We will do our best to live true to that. If you are due for a tire rotation, please don’t hesitate to stop by and visit us today! We offer all types of tire services, including wheel alignment service.