Tire Alignment Mountain View, CA

Proper wheel alignment is the best way you can take care of your tires. If the alignment is off, then your tires are wearing out at an accelerated rate. This means that those expensive new tires you just bought, are only temporary and you’re going to be buying them again.

That is why here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. we try to offer an outstanding wheel alignment. We hope to please each and every customer with a quick and easy service. By doing this, you can save a lot of money down the road on tires.


Toe is another thing that is always looked at with wheel alignment. Toe alignment is how much your tires run in or out while looking at them from above. A good way to envision this is by looking at your feet. Angle them both outwards. This is toe-out alignment. The opposite is toe-in.

Your tires are meant to have neither toe-in or toe-out alignment. They are supposed to go straight down the road. If the toe is out of alignment, then your tires will wear out very quickly. Fixing toe alignment issues is no problem at all for our skilled technicians though!


Cambers is one thing that can cause your tires to wear out too quickly. Camber is the angle, either inward or outward, of the tire when you are looking from the front of the vehicle. You tire ideally, should be straight up. The tire being angled causes it too wear too much on one side of the tire.

This can often be caused by worn ball joints of wheel bearings. Camber issues are no problem for our technicians here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. We can have your improper camber adjusted, tires aligned,  and your car driving just like it should in no time.


Caster is usually a bit harder to understand. It is basically the angle that is created by the steering pivot points. This is measured from the front to the back of the vehicle. This is one thing that is not always perfectly straight. Many cars will use different caster angles for different reasons.

For example, positive caster will make it so that your vehicle is more stable while driving at high speeds. It will also increase your tire lean while you are cornering. Many cars also have cross-caster. This is a safety feature which will cause someone who loses steering control to go to the side of the road rather than into oncoming traffic.

Count On Us

Whether your toe, camber, or caster is out of alignment, are skilled technicians can have your wheels perfectly aligned in no time. With cutting-edge alignment technology and the skills and training needed to do the job, there’s no one better to trust with your vehicle than the best wheel alignment shop in town!

If you notice that your car isn’t driving straight like it used to, of if you notice any strange wear on your tires, stop by A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. today and will get your car driving right!