5 Must Know Signs it is Time for Transmission Repair

You car is made up of several systems that work together in order to make it move. While the engine creates the power it is the transmission that transfers the energy to the wheels in order to make them spin.

Should the transmission begin to have difficulty operating it will eventually lead to a car that can’t move. The following are some of the most common symptoms of transmission trouble. Should you run into any of these issues don’t hesitate to get to an auto shop for service.

Grinding Noises

One of the most common signs of transmission problems is a grinding noise that will happen as the transmission shifts. This can occur in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles. What it often indicates is low levels of transmission fluids. This problem can usually be resolved by completing general transmission maintenance.

Delayed shifting

If your vehicle’s engine revs high while the automatic transmission tries to shift you’ll want to get to a shop right away. This can be caused by a few different problems. While it could be related to low fluid levels it could also be attributed to faulty computer sensors. A repair shop will be able to provide proper diagnostics.

Popping out of neutral

One of the scarier problems that could occur is if your transmission falls out of gear or pops into neutral. This is dangerous because it leaves you without proper control of your vehicle, which means the issue needs to be addressed right away.

Burning smell

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle and begin to experience a burning smell as you shift that is reminiscent of when you learned how to drive a standard than it is probably time for clutch repair. You may need to have the clutch plate replaced or a simple adjustment could do the trick.

Transmission fluid leak

If you ever find any sort of fluid leaking from your vehicle you need to contact a mechanic for service, as nothing should ever leak from your car. Transmission fluid is dyed a reddish color to make it easy to differentiate from other vehicle fluids.

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