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What Is Steering Alignment?

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. 89 Pioneer Way Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 487-2240A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the best Steering Alignment Auto Repair Shop in the Mountain View, CA area. When people talk about “steering alignment”, what they are really saying is getting your front end or steering wheels aligned (as opposed to the rear wheels. When people say they are getting their “tires aligned” or “wheels aligned”, they usually mean all four tires on the vehicle. Largely it is semantics.

Wheel alignment means adjusting each wheel so that “rolls true”. In other words so that it is perpendicular and not angled away in any way, if that makes sense. Having a wheel aligned makes it so that it does not drag funny in any way while it is turning. This keeps it from wearing out abnormally and prematurely.

Why Is Having Your Steering Aligned Important?

Having your steering aligned is important for several reasons. First it keeps your car from pulling to one side or the other instead of driving straight down the road. If you have ever driven a car that is constantly pulling to one side and you have to hold the steering wheel to keep it driving straight, your front end wheels are out of alignment.

Second, people have had tire blow outs when their tires were still fairly new because they had not realized they were out of alignment. They had worn so much on just one spot that the tire finally ruptured even though most of the tire still had a lot of tread on it. This is particularly dangerous when it is one of your steering or front end tires.

Do All Auto Repair Shops Do Wheel Alignment?

No. Not all auto repair shops have the equipment. The equipment to do wheel alignments are pretty specialized. The lifts can be used for other types of auto repair, but not every kind of lift works for doing steering alignments. So be sure to call ahead and ask if your auto repair shop does steering or front end alignments.

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