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What Do Spark Plugs Do?

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. 89 Pioneer Way Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 487-2240A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the best Spark Plug Auto Repair Shop in Mountain View, CA. Spark plugs are the ceramic and metal part that screws into the top of each of your engine’s cylinders and creates a spark to ignite the fuel in the cylinder. The part of the spark plug that creates the spark gets dirty and covered with fuel and carbon (which is burnt fuel). The spark plug must light the fuel at the exact right time to maximize the amount of power produced from that cylinder.

If the spark plug gets dirty or “fouled” which means saturated with liquid fuel, its ability to spark is inhibited. This causes all or part of the fuel injected into the cylinder to not be completely burned which means that your cylinder will produce less thrust, or power, from that amount of fuel. Your car will get less miles per gallon that way and may run a bit rough as well; time for a tune up!

Are Spark Plugs Part Of An Auto Tune Up?

Yes spark plugs are one of the things every auto tune up service replaces when doing a tune up. The big difference between quality auto repair shops and everyone else is that quality shops like A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. uses the best parts and has the expertise to know when there is something more seriously wrong that a tune up will not correct.

Not only has A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. been tuning up all makes and models of vehicles for over 35 years, but we are experts at complete engine rebuilds as well. Many “tune up shops” only do tune ups. They have to send you to a more in depth auto repair company if anything more serious comes to their attention.

Are Old Spark Plugs Reusable?

Technically yes. You can take an old spark plug and throw it into the coals of a fire and get them really hot to burn off all of the dirty soot or burnt fuel on the plug. You can then take that plug and clean it up and then put it back into your vehicle and it will run again for a while longer. However that is more something people do in a pinch, and not a good long term solution.

Your car or truck will run much better if you keep new good spark plugs in it. Another thing that is normally replaced in a tune up is the Ignition Wires. When your car is in need of a tune up a quality vehicle tune up service replaces all of the normal ignition wear items that cause your vehicle to not run well.