Oil Change Service Mountain View, CA

No matter how much you know about cars, everyone has heard the words “oil change” before. This is the very most basic of all routine maintenance that is done on your vehicle. Oil is so crucial to the health of your engine. It allows for proper lubrication of the parts inside of your engine. It also carries away some of the heat generated from these parts.

Without oil, the engine would seize up and be completely destroyed. That is why it is important that your engine always has the proper amount of oil and that it is clean. Any engine that has lasted a long time, has had it’s oil changed regularly.

Why Though?

Why do you actually need to change your oil? Why not just add more oil when it gets low? The truth is, your oil gets dirty throughout the time it is lubricating the engine. There are small residuals that accumulate in the oil as a result of the combustion done in the engine. On top of that, the heat will have it’s affect on the oil and change it’s color.

If your oil is black, it is definitely time for an oil change. Your oil change is not something to forget about. It could be the difference between your car running great for a long time or breaking down on the side of the road and needing a new engine.

How To Change Oil

The oil-changing process is very easy and allows for our technicians to have your vehicle back to you extremely quickly.

We simply drain the oil from your engine just by loosening a drain plug on the bottom of your oil pan. Once all of the oil has drained out, we re-tighten the drain plug and pour in the new oil. We will also change out your oil filter for a new one to ensure your new oil lasts as long as possible. This whole process is quick and painless!

Whatever Oil You Need

All vehicles use different types of oil. The type of oil that your vehicle needs is determined by your vehicle’s manufacturer. These different oils have different viscosity and heat tolerances. There are also synthetic and conventional oil types.

No matter what type of oil your vehicle needs, we are happy to help. If you aren’t sure what kind of oil your vehicle takes, that doesn’t matter at all. Our knowledgeable technicians can easily find the information about what type of oil your vehicle needs.

Oil Change Professionals

So when it is time for your next oil change, give A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. a shot. We will surprise you with our quick service and outstanding price.

Our expert technicians have performed thousands of oil changes and can easily change the oil on any vehicle. This experience has trained our technicians to be able to perform this high-quality service at a very fast pace. So when it’s time for your next oil change, stop by A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. We are the best in the business for your lube, oil, and filter needs!