Mechanic Shop Mountain View, CA

Mechanic In ShopA-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the best mechanic’s shop in Mountain View, CA. For countless years, we have provided quality, consistent automotive diagnosis, repair, and service to the local residents. The results? Many satisfied and happy customers. We hope you can come to us when your vehicle is in need of help and we want to help you!

Our friendly staff at A-1 Auto Tech promises you a great experience at our mechanic shop, from the time you walk in the door, until you drive away. With quality and care as our focus, we aim to please every single customer.

Auto Repair Done Right!

Getting a vehicle repaired is never fun. Cars inevitably break down and parts have to be changed. Our Mechanics hope to make this is simple and as painless as possible for you. With the customer in mind, we will quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

We pride ourselves in verifying every repair made in our shop. Once we’ve made a repair on your vehicle, we will make sure that the problem is completely resolved. You can leave our shop with peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle will be just fine.

State Of The Art Diagnostic Equipment

Checking_Auto_ComputerOur equipment at A-1 Auto Tech is all state of the art. Each car mechanic takes pride in his work. Combine this with having the latest and greatest technology, we are able to tackle any problem we face. With manufacturer-specific scan tools, we can easily test and diagnose your vehicle. From reading trouble codes to testing actuators, we have the tools to do so.

We know that a quality repair is much easier with the right equipment. That is why we invest so much into our diagnostic equipment. With the state of the art, cutting-edge technology, we are able to guarantee a professional and quick diagnosis and repair.

Clean and Safe Environment

We pride ourselves in the work environment here. We love the auto repair business! We strive to always keep our shop as clean as possible. Clutter and debris makes the job more dangerous. For the safety of everyone involved, we keep everything as clean as possible.

Safety is another key factor here at A1-Auto Tech, Inc. We have the best technicians around and we are planning on having them around for a long time. We do everything we possibly can to ensure that nothing happens to you, your vehicle, or the technician working on your vehicle during your time here.

Highest-Quality Equipment

Mechanic's Arms WorkingA-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is a company with very deep investments. We have put the time and effort into making sure that we have the highest-quality equipment and tools. The right tool for the job, makes the job so much easier and safer.

From our vehicle lifts to the sockets our technicians use, we only get the very best parts. We want the job to be as safe as possible for our employees. We also want it to go as smoothly as possible.  This is money well-spent and it gives us the confidence to promise you a quality repair next time that you need something.