Main Parts of the Auto Electric System

The electrical system in your car is quite vast and is responsible for more than just getting the windows up and down. In fact, the electrical system is critical in the starting and running of the engine. If a part of the electrical system in your car fails or begins to malfunction it becomes very likely that you’ll be unable to drive your car, or at the very least have difficult operating it. While this list is by no means, complete, the following auto electric system parts are often at fault for many Electrical Problems your car could suffer from.


The battery in your car is what stores the power necessary to get your vehicle up and running. If the battery dies, either due to age or because you left the lights on, there won’t be enough electrical juice to get the motor spinning. If the battery dies because of the latter, you’ll be able to jump-start the vehicle and be on your way, but car batteries do need replacement from time to time, just like the AAs in your TV remote.


The alternator is connected to a belt that is spun by the motion of the engine, that motion allows the alternator to generate electricity. That electrical power is then used to run all electrical systems in the car, including lights, feeding the spark plugs and keeping the battery charged. Alternator failure will surely mean that your car will not be able to start, as the battery will be drained.


Wiring generally won’t fail unless some outside factor acts on it, such as a mouse biting into it. However if wiring does become loose it could end up frayed or otherwise damaged, which will cause the system it is a part of to malfunction or fail.


Most systems in your vehicle utilize a fuse that prevents too much voltage from hitting it, which would be damaging to the component. If excessive electricity goes through the fuse of a certain system, it will blow, meaning the electrical path will be broken. Replacing fuses is often fast and cheap.


Electrical relays act as on/off switches. If a relay becomes stuck in one position or the other it can obviously cause trouble on board. For example, if the fuel pump relay is stuck in the on position it means gas will be continually fed to the motor, even when the key is off. This will then damage the fuel pump and drain the battery.

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