Keeping Up with Minor Auto Service Maintenance

Many drivers think of auto maintenance and repairs as big ordeals that will be spendy and time consuming. Truth be told, if you want to keep your car running and driving safely and reliably you will in fact need to conduct auto maintenance. The thing is, most of that maintenance is relatively simple and can be conducted quickly and affordably. Be sure you keep up with all of your car’s maintenance needs, including the following.

Oil Changes

The most frequent type of maintenance that your car or truck is going to require is an oil change. Most vehicles need this service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but some vehicles can go twice that far. Be sure to speak with a technician about your car’s oil needs to ensure it is serviced at the proper mileage point so proper engine lubrication can occur.

Fuel Filter

The gasoline that you put in your car is pretty clean, but it isn’t pure. To ensure that no contaminants, such as dirt or ground metals, get into your engine and cause damage, be sure to keep the fuel filter clean by replacing it at the necessary mileage marker.

Air Filter

The other filter that helps keep the engine running smooth is the air filter. Since air is necessary to keep the engine running right, an air filter is required to remove impurities from the incoming air. A dirty fuel filter could result in a massive drop in fuel efficiency and a motor that struggles to perform.

Fuel Injection Services

From time to a fuel injection service can do wonders for your car. It will ensure that the proper amount of fuel can easily get to the combustion chamber, allowing your car to run smoothly without wasting gas.

Fluid Services

All cars utilize a number of fluids to keep their systems running properly. From time to time these fluids needs to be drained and refilled to ensure they are free of contaminants. This process is called a fluid flush. Common fluid flush services include the coolant flush, transmission fluid flush, power steering flush, differential flush and brake fluid flush.

If your vehicle is due for auto maintenance, especially winter auto service, be sure to visit your local auto shop, or else your car could end up needing much bigger repairs. Staying up on auto service also improves your miles per gallon.

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