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What Do A Car’s Ignition Wires Do?

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. 89 Pioneer Way Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 487-2240A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the best Ignition Wires Auto Repair Shop in Mountain View, CA. A vehicle’s ignition wires are the electrical wires that carry electricity to the spark plugs as seen in the picture to the left. Since they are in constant use carrying electricity any time the car or truck is running, just like most parts ignition wires get old and wear out. That is why they are most often replaced when a person does a tune up on a vehicle.

When they get worn out ignition wires can stop carrying spark through them as well as they used to. Sometimes when a cylinder is not getting enough spark it is not the spark plug, but the ignition wire that is faulty. Since both are fairly inexpensive both are usually replaced when performing an auto tune up. If it is not the spark plug or one of the ignition wires, then it could be the distributor cap or possibly even a faulty ignition coil. Bad spark plugs or ignition wires can damage an ignition coil.

Ignition Wires Are Sometimes Neglected

“Do it your self” minded people, and sometimes lower end repair shops, sometimes skip replacing ignition wires. If it ended up being the case that none of the wires were faulty then they can get away with things like that. The problem is sometimes they were faulty and the customer just paid for an auto tune up and their vehicle is still not performing right.

In fact, statistically, ignition wires are one of the main items some people skip replacing when they are trying to cut corners and save money. Reputable shops don’t do things like that. The cost of ignition wires are insignificant when compared to the frustration of an unhappy customer. Reputable shops don’t cut corners. They do repairs correctly the first time.

Ignition Wire & Auto Tune Ups

Most older cars and trucks, if they have non-electronic ignitions, should be tuned every 10,000 to 12,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first. It is different however with newer cars. The cars with an electronic ignition & a fuel injection system can go from 25,000 miles to as many as 100,000 miles without needing a full blown tune-up.