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What Is An Ignition Coil?

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. 89 Pioneer Way Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 487-2240A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the best Ignition Coil Auto Repair Shop in Mountain View, CA. An Ignition Coil is shown in the lower left hand side of this image. As you can see there is an electrical cord going from the ignition coil to the distributor cap. And then their are a bunch of electrical ignition wires that go from the distributor cap to each of the spark plugs in the top of each engine cylinder. Some ignition systems called a “coil on plug system” have an ignition coil for each cylinder, and then they don’t use an ignition cap.

An ignition coil has a set of internal coils that change the low voltage electricity coming from the battery and converts it to the much higher voltage electricity needed to spark the spark plugs in the tops of each cylinder. A bad spark plug or electrical wire can damage an ignition coil.

Is The Ignition Coil Replaced During An Auto Tune Up?

The answer to this question is sometimes, and sometimes not. One auto tune up shop may call a “tune-up” as replacing the spark plugs only. The next may not only replace the spark plugs, but the other ignition components such as the ignition coil as well. And some also replace fuel and air filters, the PCV valve as well as test to verify the electronic engine management system (if equipped) is doing its job.

With coil on plug systems replacing all of the coils can get more expensive. With these systems usually each coil is tested and replaced if need. There are some times however due to the age of the vehicle when replacing them all is done. At A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. we are very honest and clear about what is needed and what the options are.

How Long Does An Ignition Coil Last?

In the United States our federal law requires that the ignition coil and ignition module on new cars and trucks are warranted for at least two years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. But many ignition coils are designed to last 100,000 miles or longer. Give us a call today at (650) 487-2240 or stop by at any time during business hours and one of our highly experienced technicians will take a look at your vehicle and give you our best recommendation.