GMC Auto Repair

GMC Auto LogoGMC is another of our favorite General Motors vehicle lines to do Auto Repair work on! They are really great vehicles. General Motors vehicles are one of our brands we specialize in repairing. Because they are so popular a lot of our customers have them. Our technicians each have more than a decade of experience repairing and maintaining GMC and other GM lines of vehicles.

William C. Durant gained control of Reliance Motor Car Company in 1908. Then in 1909 Durant gained control of Rapid Motor Vehicle Company, another early commercial vehicle manufacturer. In 1911 General Motors formed the General Motors Truck Company and folded Rapid and Reliance into it. And GMC trucks have been rolling down American roads ever since!

GMC Dealership Quality Auto Repairs

Whether you need GMC Auto Repair, Lincoln Auto RepairChevy Auto Repair, or any other domestic or Japanese vehicle repaired, A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. can do the job better and save you money! We often find that our technicians have more specialized training than many of the technicians you find at the various auto dealerships in the area. And our customers tell us that our customer service is better as well!

Each of our technicians have decades of experience working on GMC vehicles, as well as other GM makes of cars and trucks. And we have all of the same kind of sophisticated hoist, computer, diagnostic and other tools that the dealer has. But since we don’t have the huge overhead, and since we have a reputation for being honest and only repairing what is actually broken, we are able to save you a lot of money.

Map From Local GMC Dealership To A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.

Why spend more money to take your GMC truck to the dealer when it needs maintained or repaired when there are locally owned auto repair shops like A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. that can do a better job for less money? We would like to ask you to give us a try the next time you are in need of our services. Below is a map from a local GM dealership to our auto repair shop.