Ford Auto Repair

Ford Auto LogoWe like doing Ford Auto Repair so much that Ford products are one of the domestic vehicle lines we specialize in! Ford are one of those domestic brands that once a customer has a good experience they tend to buy them over and over again. We have customers who have Ford cars with over 200,000 miles on them. They will go that far with proper care and maintenance.

The Ford Motor Company was launched in a converted factory in 1903 by Henry Ford, when he was just 39 years old. From that moment on Ford cars and trucks have been driving the American roads from sea to shining sea! They have become as American as Apple Pie and baseball.

Ford Dealership Quality Repairs

Whether you are in need of Jeep Auto RepairLincoln Auto Repair, or any other domestic or Japanese make of cars and trucks, you will get a better quality repair for less money (in most cases) at our repair facility, than you will at your local new car dealership. At least that is what our many customers who used to only take their vehicles to the dealers are telling us.

We have all of the state of the art latest tools and equipment that dealerships have. And a lot of times our technicians have more specialized training that many of the mechanics that work for the dealerships. Our technicians have decades of experience working on Ford cars and trucks. They know them inside and out!

Map From Local Ford Dealership To A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.

The days when people felt like they needed to bring their car or truck to the dealer to get quality maintenance and repair has been over for decades. No longer do the dealers offer the best repair services available. If you are considering getting your vehicle maintained or repaired please consider giving us a try! Below is a map from the local Ford dealership to the A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. auto repair facility.