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Without your engine properly running, you might not be going anywhere anytime soon. As your engine stops running like it should, the complete driving experience with your vehicle is affected. If you notice anything at all strange about your engine, it’s better to not wait. Take your car in to the people you can trust at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.

We offer the best engine rebuilding and engine repair in the Mountain View area. Our expert technicians have diagnosed, repaired, and rebuilt thousands of engines, leaving behind many happy customers. Whatever might be wrong with your engine, stop by and see us today!

Signs of Engine Problems

Your engine is crucial to how your vehicle performs. As such, there are lots of signs that hint towards engine failure. The sooner you have a problem fixed, the less damage it can do to the rest of your engine. If you continue to drive with a bad engine, you could end up completely destroying it.

That is why recognizing the signs of engine damage or failing components is so important. The amount of money paid for a small engine repair will save you much more money down the road.

Common Signs

There are many different signs that your engine may be in need of repair. As you drive each day, pay very close to the way your vehicle drives, the way it sounds, and how it performs. One very common sign of engine problems is a stalling vehicle. Stalling in a vehicle with an automatic transmission should not happen. That means there is a serious problem that needs to be looked at.

If you notice that your gas mileage is getting worse with time as well, that can be a sign of future engine repair. This may be a result of overheating. Shaking and noises are signs that your engine might be dying. If it isn’t as smooth or quiet as before, your engine might be to blame.

Engine Repair

If you are experiencing any of these signs, then your vehicle just might be in need of engine repair. The engine has so many different components that there can potentially be so many different problems.

Issues can occur from small things such as failing injectors or you might have a much bigger issues like needing a valve adjustment or having a timing belt break on you. You should not ever hesitate to give your engine the care and attention that it needs.

Best Mechanics Around

When these problems arise, please don’t hesitate to come see us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. We have the best mechanics around who have years of experience with diesel engine repair.

We can get your car back into working order in no time at all. Those small engine repairs that might be kind of inconvenient can save you thousands on future repairs or engine replacement down the road. So whatever might be wrong with your engine, trust the best in the business with your engine repairs!