Star Smog Checks & Emissions Repair
in Mountain View

Carberator-RepairAll vehicles are required to go through state smog checks and emissions testing to ensure they are not producing excessive pollutants. At A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. we complete these very important tests and we’re a California state smog check STAR station in Mountain View. This means that our shop consistently meets the highest performance requirements for a testing center, ensuring quality and accurate checks for all vehicles. If you’re vehicle is due for a smog check in Mountain View give us a call to make an appointment today!

Star Smog Checks & Repairs in Mountain View

Most cars and trucks are required to have smog checks and emissions testing completed every two years. As a STAR station A-1 provides high quality, fast testing that can be Star_Certifiedcompleted while you wait in our comfortable lobby. Our technicians can test, repair and certify all vehicles including, gross polluters, out of state vehicles, biennial emissions testing, change of ownership smog checks, and diesel smog checks.

If your vehicle fails the California state smog check we can try to help you qualify for financial assistance of up to $500 toward emissions-related repairs for your vehicle. We may also be able to help you receive $1,000 to retire your vehicle.

Emission Repairs

If your vehicle fails an emissions test we are able to repair it on site. There are numerous things that can cause a vehicle to fail a smog check, such as a rich fuel mixture or a faulty EVAP system, which checks for evaporating gasoline vapors. Our technicians can diagnose and repair issues that cause your vehicle to fail these bi-annual smog checks, ensuring that your car is safe and legal to be on the road! We are also a California State approved Brake & Lamp Inspection station.

Exhaust Repair

Exhaust_MechanicOne of the most common causes of emission test and smog check failures is an exhaust leak within the vehicle. Not only are exhaust leaks bad for the environment but they can take a serious toll on your car’s performance and put you and your passengers at risk of serious health problems caused by exposure to the hazardous exhaust fumes. If you experience a loud rumbling noise during acceleration, notice a drastic decrease in your fuel efficiency or feel odd vibrations in the gas pedal your vehicle may have an exhaust leak. Give A-1 a call today for proper diagnosis and repair!

We complete smog checks and repairs on gas and diesel vehicles. We are your premier smog inspection station! Call A-1 Auto Tech today to schedule a smog check in Mountain View or to request an appointment for exhaust or emission repair service.

“We have brought our cars to Frank for 20 years. We trust him to fix our cars at a fair price and he is always honest with us. We highly recommend him.”
~ Cece and Kent