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What Is Auto Electrical Diagnosis?

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. 89 Pioneer Way Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 487-2240A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the best Electrical Diagnostics Auto Repair Shop in the Mountain View, CA area. Your car or truck could have a loose electrical connection that could cause a certain part of your vehicle to not work. Your vehicle electrical system has fuses. A blown fuse will also cause things not to function. Often times there is one part of the vehicle’s electrical system is constantly drawing power (even when the engine is shut off), and it slowly drains down the battery.

Because some of these types of problems can be very difficult to chase down, some shops in the Mountain View area send their most difficult electrical problems to us to diagnose and correct. We have specialized in the most difficult kinds of auto electrical system repair for more than 35 years. Many of our customers say we are the best Auto Electrical Service in all of silicone valley.

What Can Go Wrong With An Auto Electrical System?

Well we talked about some different examples of auto electrical system failure above, things like blown fuses, loose electrical connections and electrical shorts. However there are some simpler diagnosed auto electrical problems as well. These are the more commonly know problems such as a failed battery, a bad alternator and even a problem with the vehicle starter. Starters and Alternators fail more often than people think.

Probably the most common auto electrical problem is a bad battery. This is so common in fact that often times people assume the batter is bad when it is really a faulty alternator or some other electrical drain on the system. So if you have replaced your battery thinking that it was your problem and you are still having problems, A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. has the experience and training to diagnose even the worst auto electrical problem.

Can Any Auto Repair Shop Fix My Electrical System?

We wish we could say “no” to this question and say we were the only ones who can repair problems with your auto electrical system. However the simpler problems most reputable auto repair shops should be qualified to handle. Where A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. shines is when you do have one of the more difficult to find problems that other shops either miss or can’t figure out. To toot our own horn a bit, we really know auto electrical system diagnostics.

So even if you are having a battery that keeps losing its charge, it might save you some money to bring it to us first. If your battery is not really your problem we will be able to identify this for you and fix what is actually wrong!