Easy Ways to Damage the Engine & Transmission

Taking care of your car is pretty straight forward. Keep up with scheduled maintenance and you should be good to go. True, but, it’s important to understand why your car needs this sort of maintenance, or else you may feel more inclined to skip it. Let’s look at some of the ways you could hurt your car’s engine or transmission such that you need transmission or engine repair, many of these issues revolve around keeping up with maintenance.

Engine Damage

What kinds of things can cause major engine trouble. Your car’s engine is highly technical and requires routine maintenance to remain in tip top operating health. Here’s what happens to the engine when you put off scheduled maintenance.

  • Don’t complete oil changes– Oil changes are what keep the interior of the engine properly lubricated. During an oil change the old oil is drained from the car and new oil is added. With this process contaminants are removed from inside the engine, ensuring healthy operating conditions and adequate lubrication.
  • Skip the timing belt replacement– If your car uses a timing belt be sure to have it replaced at the proper mileage point. If you put it off and the belt snaps you could be looking at major engine repairs. A broken timing belt will throw interior engine parts out of sync, causing massive damage that will likely require an engine rebuild.
  • Put off other scheduled maintenance– Other forms of maintenance, such as air and fuel filter replacement, also play a role in engine health. Not replacing filters and completing services such as spark plug replacement, will result in a poor performing vehicle.

Transmission Damage

The transmission is responsible for transferring power created by the engine to the wheels. If the transmission fails you could end up stranded. It too requires routine maintenance, but poor driving habits could cause damage to it as well.

  • Shift before coming to a complete stop– If you drive an automatic transmission it is important that your car comes to a complete stop before shifting from drive to reverse, or vice versa. Not doing so puts large amounts of pressure on the transmission, and the extra strain can cause serious damage.
  • Deny your car transmission service– Routine transmission service is necessary to ensure proper lubrication is occurring inside the transmission. While not needed nearly as frequently as engine oil changes, this service is still required to keep your car shifting smooth.
  • Don’t pay attention to signs of trouble– Does your car seem to be shifting hard or making weird noises. Don’t ignore it, as it will get worse and more expensive to fix.

It is up to you to keep your car safe and reliable, and routine auto maintenance will help you do that. If you need auto maintenance in Mountain View or the surrounding area head to A-1 Auto Tech. Our team of technicians will take great care of your car, no matter what you drive. Give us a call at (650) 487-2240 to schedule expert auto maintenance in Mountain View today.