Does My Car Need New Shocks or Struts?

Many people believe the suspension only has one role, and it is to ensure that your ride is not too bumpy. While ride comfort is a major aspect of suspension it is not the only thing that it does. The suspension is actually a major safety component as it is designed to prevent your car from rolling over while cornering and it keeps all four wheels on the ground to ensure adequate braking power at all times.

If you run into any of these issues you will want to visit a car repair shop for expert suspension service as soon as possible.

Oil on the struts

If you can look through your wheel wells and spot oil on the shocks it is probable that they are leaking the fluid they use to help absorb the unevenness of the road. If this oil leaks out they won’t be able to properly perform their job.

One corner is low

If it appears that one corner of your car is low but all the tires are properly inflated it may mean that the suspension has collapsed in on itself. This will cause your car to drift to one side and result in uneven tire wear. Be sure to have this taken care of as soon as possible so that you don’t run into control issues.

Rolling sensation

Part of the suspension is called the anti-sway bar and its main function is to prevent the vehicle from rolling over when going around a corner by shifting the car’s center of gravity. If it ever feels like you are going to lose control or rollover while cornering it is likely that this particular part has failed.

Dipping while stopping

Failed suspension can result in your car’s front end dipping or diving when you hit the brakes. This actually decreases your ability to quickly stop the car, making this an issue that needs to be repaired ASAP.

Excessive bouncing

To check the health of your suspension you can push on the hood or trunk of the car to get it to start bouncing up and down. Once you stop pressing on the car let the vehicle bounce on its own. It should return to a stable ride height within 3-4 bounces. Any more than that is a clear indication that suspension repair is necessary.

Always pay attention to how your car is driving so that you can get it serviced if something is amiss. If you believe you need suspension repair in Mountain View head to A-1 Auto Tech.

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