Does My Car Have An Exhaust Emission Leak?

Your car’s exhaust system is designed to remove emissions from the engine and route them under the car and out the back end. This helps prevent the chances of exhaust entering the passenger cabin, which can be fatal.

Sensors in the exhaust system also help to regulate the use of gasoline, ensuring the proper air and fuel mixture, but a leak in the system will alter readings. The following are 5 common signs that your car or truck is suffering from an exhaust leak.

Loud engine rumbling

One of the most common signs of an exhaust leak is increased engine noise. If you notice your vehicle is rumbling loud, especially during acceleration, chances are that there is a crack in the exhaust system.

Vibrating gas pedal

Often times a driver will feel the vehicle’s gas pedal shaking if there is an exhaust leak. This is just reverberation of the air squeezing through a hole in the system. Depending on where the leak is and how big it is it may actually cause the whole car to shake. The shaking will be more present during rapid acceleration.

Large decrease in MPGs

The oxygen sensor is located inside the exhaust system and it measures outgoing oxygen in the exhaust to help determine how much gasoline needs to be burnt. High levels of oxygen would indicate more gasoline needs to be used. A leak will make the sensor believe that there is excessive oxygen in the exhaust, thus dropping your MPGs.

Check engine light

The check engine light will turn on for many reasons, including the detection of an exhaust system leak. As soon as this light turns on be sure to head to the auto shop to minimize repair costs.

Failed emissions test

If your vehicle fails an emissions test, and has a smog check failure, it may be suffering from an exhaust leak. However other common issues include a malfunctioning sensor.

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