Dodge Auto Repair

Dodge Auto LogoDodge cars and trucks are a domestic auto make that we like doing Auto Repair work on so much that they are one of the ones we specialize in. Dodge trucks are one of the very best trucks on the market and we do a lot of work on them for our customers. They are a really popular vehicle.

Horace and John Dodge founded the “Dodge Brothers Company” in Detroit in 1900. They were also early investors in Henry Ford’s Ford Motor Company. Since that time Dodge cars and trucks have been a staple form of transportation on the American roads and highways.

Dodge Dealership Quality Auto Repair

If you would like to get better quality Dodge or Chrysler Auto Repair than you can get at your local dealership, A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the state or the art auto repair facility you should try. Our auto repair technicians have decades of experience working on Dodge cars and trucks.

We have all of the same kinds of high tech equipment and tooling that new car dealerships have. And since we don’t have the high overhead in most cases we don’t have to charge as much for our repairs. Because we have the reputation of being such a fair and honest repair facility, our customers tell us that they have gotten better overall customer service with us as well.

Map To Local Dodge Dealership From A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.

Stop by or give us a call when you find yourselves in need of auto maintenance or repair. Below is a map from the local Dodge dealership to our repair shop.