Differential Service Mountain View, CA

Your differential is one component that is absolutely necessary to your driving. It allows for the power that is sent from the transmission to be applied to the wheels. They also allow for the wheels to spin at different speeds when encountering a turn. Regardless of whether your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, it uses differentials to make driving possible.

Your differential will require occasional repair and maintenance. Whatever your vehicle’s differential is in need of, our technicians at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. are more than qualified to do. We have proven that when it comes to differentials there is no one better to trust with your vehicle than us. We are the best auto repair shop in the Mountain View area.

Types of Differentials

There are essentially three different types of differentials. These are:

  1. Open Differentials
  2. Limited-slip Differentials
  3. Locking Differentials

Each of these differentials serves has unique characteristics and advantages. An open differential is a differential that supplies torque to the wheel with the least traction. These differentials are the cheapest and require minimal maintenance, but they also can be more dangerous than other differentials. Limited-slip differentials limit power to the wheel with the least traction. This allows the wheel with the most traction to receive constant power. A locking differential sends equal power to both wheels. This is ideal for off-roading situations where maximum control is desired.

Differential Service

Differentials require occasional maintenance to ensure that they operate properly and last a long time. Differentials like many of the other systems in your vehicle, require proper lubrication. This needs to be checked regularly and changed on occasion. If fluid levels get too low, premature differential failure will occur.

One problem with differentials is that on occasion they will leak. A common leak occurs when the drive pinion seal fails. There are also axle seals which will fail from time to time. Regardless of the leak, our technicians are the best in the business and can make sure your vehicle is 100% leak-free.

Differential Noises

Do you hear a strange sound coming from your vehicle? Come see us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. and we will investigate this further for you. We know differentials and can quickly diagnose them for you. There are so many different sounds that can come from a differential and our professional technicians can determine exactly what is wrong with your vehicle.

These sounds could be the result of damaged bearings or gears, chipped gear teeth, low fluid levels or the wrong gear oil used, gear contact issues, u-joints, or too much gear back lash. Whatever it is, you can trust us to fix it!

Differential Experts

No matter what your vehicle may be in need of as far as differentials, we can help you here at A-1 Auto Tech. Our skilled technicians have proven that they can repair and service anything whether it be your differential that is in need of repair or if you need air conditioning service. 

So don’t hesitate. Come see us at A-1 Auto Tech today and we’ll get your vehicle running like new! Let us take care of you and all your automotive services and needs!