Could Your Car Use Suspension Repair?

The suspension is one of the most important systems of your car. It not only provides you with a comfortable ride, but it ensures that you make it safely to your final destination. The suspension is designed to absorb all of the bumps in the road, keeping your ride comfy, but it’s also tasked with keeping all of the tires on the ground at all times.

This means there is always adequate braking power available. Another important functions of the suspension system is keeping your vehicle upright while going around a corner. For these reasons it is important to always pay attention for any signs of suspension trouble so that you can have it repaired as soon as possible.

Rolling Sensation While Cornering

If it feels like your car is going to roll over during cornering there is a good chance that the anti-swaybar has failed. This part of the suspension system is tasked with shifting the car’s center of gravity while cornering to ensure that it does not roll, spin or otherwise lose control. This problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible to keep your vehicle safe.

One Corner Seems Low

Does it appear as if one corner of your car is low, but all of the tires are inflated correctly? Then there’s a solid chance that the strut or the shock in this particular corner has collapsed on itself, meaning it has failed. This will cause the vehicle to drift to the side while driving, which can result in decreased fuel efficiency and increased tire wear. This issue should be taken care of in order to restore the drive ability of your vehicle.

Oily Struts

Another way to test your suspension is by rubbing a towel against the struts. Struts use a special oil in order to absorb the bumps and cracks in the road, and if the liquid begins to leak out it will no longer be able to properly perform this function. If you find oil on the struts your struts may need to be replaced.

Bounce Test

If you think that your suspension is having trouble you can give it a quick test to check your hypothesis. Push on the hood or the trunk of the car to get it to bounce up and down. Once you stop pushing it should return to its normal ride height and quit bouncing after 3 to 4 rotations. If the vehicle continues to bounce you can assume there is some sort of suspension issue.

It’s very important that you take care of any suspension issues as soon as they become apparent. If you need suspension repair in Mountain View go ahead and reach out to the expert auto suspension repair technicians A-1 Auto Tech Inc. For more than 25 years we’ve been helping the community keep their cars safe and reliable! Give us a call at (650) 487-2240 to schedule auto repair in Mountain View anytime your import or domestic car, truck or SUV is giving you trouble!

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