Chrysler Auto Repair

Chrysler Auto LogoOne thing you learn when you do Auto Repair work on a Chrysler, the customers who love them are loyal and buy them over and over! This would make Walter Chrysler, the original founder of The Chrysler Motor Company very happy to hear.

The Chrysler Motor Company was founded by Walter Chrysler on June 6, 1925. Since that day Chrysler vehicles have been seen driving on American roads and streets ever since. To this day they are one of the most popular vehicle brands in America.

Chrysler Dealership Quality Auto Repair

Whether you find yourself in need of Dodge Auto RepairJeep Auto Repair, or any other domestic or Japanese make of automobiles, you will get better customer service, have a higher quality repair and save money using A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. over your traditional new car dealership. At least that is what our many happy customers tell us.

Map From Local Chrysler Dealership To A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.

If you have been thinking about saving money by trying out a local auto repair shop rather than your dealer, we would love it if you would give A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. a try! We know that once you do you will be very happy that you did! Below is a direction map from the local Chrysler dealership to our auto repair facility.