Car Service and Maintenance

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. has made a name for itself as far as car repair and maintenance go. We have proven that we are the best in the Mountain View area over the last 40 years. We are experts at all automotive services. By hiring the best trained and certified technicians, we can ensure that every customer receives quality service and repair, every time.

With a huge focus on pleasing the customer and making their experience with us as smooth and as pleasant as possible, our skilled technicians are able to quickly perform repairs and maintenance, while still doing an outstanding job. This care for our customers is what sets us apart from the competition.

Repair and Maintenance

Vehicle repair and maintenance are both things that everyone who owns a vehicle will experience at some point. All vehicles require maintenance in order to function properly and to last a long time. On occasion, parts fail or brake and need to be replaced. No matter who you are and what you are driving, you will need repair and maintenance. There’s no one better to trust than A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.

Repairs are generally much more expensive than maintenance. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will help ensure minimal repairs in the future. As your vehicle is well taken care of, all systems will work as they were designed to work and there is minimal damage and wear and tear to the vehicle.

Outstanding Maintenance Service

That means that maintenance will save you a lot of money in the long run. Here at A-1  Auto Tech, Inc. we offer an outstanding maintenance service.

Whether you need an oil change service or your tires rotated, our skilled technicians can quickly get the job done right. This will make sure that your vehicle lives a long, full life and also help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Vehicle Repair Experts

When your vehicle is in need of repairs, come see us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. There is no one more qualified or happier to work on your vehicle than our technicians. With the highest grade tools and diagnostic equipment combined with a vast knowledge of cars and years of experience, we can guarantee you a high-quality repair.

Whether you need a new clutch installed or a wheel bearing replaced, our skilled technicians are waiting to help you. If you vehicle needs work done on it, why not trust it to the very best in the business?

Stop By Today!

We love the the auto repair business! We love taking care of our customers! Whether your vehicle is in need of a 5k, 10k, 30k, 60k, 90k or 100k Service, or if it needs a major repair, come on down to A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. today. Our maintenance work will keep your vehicle in excellent condition for a long time to come.

When it does come time for a repair to be done on your vehicle, you can count on us to get your vehicle running like it should again. With over 40 years in the business, our history speaks for itself. We are the best in the Mountain View area for your vehicle repairs and maintenance.