Car Mechanic Mountain View, CA

Car’s have become a part of our every day lives. We rely on them so much. When your car goes needs a repair, you’re going to need it back as soon as possible. That’s where A-1 Auto Tech comes in. You will not find a better mechanic shop in Mountain View, CA. We will help you get your car back on the road as fast as possible.

If your car needs service or scheduled maintenance, you need a mechanic you can trust. We can get you in and out quickly. We’ll make sure your vehicle is maintained as it should and that there aren’t any other problems with your vehicle. There’s peace of mind when it comes to trusting in A-1 Auto Tech.

Scheduled Maintenance

When it is time for your car to be serviced, come on down to A-1 Auto Tech. We can service and inspect your vehicle to ensure that it is running smooth and will run smooth for a long time. We can do any type of service from oil changes to inspecting brake lines to rotating tires.

So whether it’s time for your oil to get changed, or it’s been a long time since you’ve had your vehicle inspected, come on down. We will get you in and out as fast as possible and give you the peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle is running fine.

Two mechanics under hoodCar Repair

When something on your car breaks, let A-1 Auto Tech be the first one you call. We know you need your vehicle and we will work with you to get it driving again as soon as possible.

Whether you are experiencing engine problems, transmission problems, or simply need the wheels aligned, we can take care of you. Our skilled technicians will do all that they can to get your vehicle running as good as new.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light is one of the most obvious signs of a malfunction in your vehicle. If your check engine light comes on, come see us at A-1 Auto Tech. This light serves as a hint as to what might be wrong with your vehicle. Using our state of the art scan tools, we can help narrow down the cause of the light and fix it.

If your check engine light comes on, head on over to A-1 Auto Tech. We will read it for you for free and figure out what’s best to get your vehicle back to good health.


Diagnosing_Car_ProblemsWhen it’s time for your vehicle to get a tune-up, we are the auto mechanic shop you can trust. We will make sure that your vehicle runs perfectly fine. With each tune-up we will replace plugs, your cabin air filter, your engine air filter, rotate your tires, and change the oil and oil filter.

We’ll take a look at everything else for you too while we’re working on your vehicle to make sure you don’t leave with a problem that will surface later on. With how heavily we rely on our cars, we need to rely heavily on those that repair and service our cars. Rely on A-1 Auto Tech. We’ll get the job done right!