Car Engine Rebuilding Mountain View, CA

An excellent and more cost effective alternative to replacing an engine, is rebuilding one. And remember we don’t just rebuild gasoline engines. We also do diesel engine repair and rebuilding. This can get an old car back to a “like new” driving experience. Rebuilding an engine is not an easy task though. It requires removing the engine from the vehicle and disassembling it.

For the average at home mechanic, they do not have the necessary equipment to do a job like this. Many mechanics are also daunted by the size of the task. For our technicians here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. this is no problem at all though. We are more than happy to offer our engine rebuilding service and get your engine running like it should!

Inspection Time

Once the engine has been removed from the vehicle and been disassembled, then it’s components are ready to be inspected. This is the perfect time to see the actual condition of the engine. This is a rare opportunity to see parts that are inside of the engine and cannot be seen.

From here we can inspect all of these parts to see if any are broken, failing, or have excessive damage. All of the old bad parts can be replaced and this is what makes the engine run like new!

Cleaning Time

Another important part of engine rebuilding is cleaning. A lot of the parts inside the engine get their only cleaning done by the engine oil. Now is a chance to clean everything. This helps prevent excessive wear on internal components and increases their life.

A very common component to clean is the top of the cylinders. Using a cylinder ridge reamer we can remove the carbon from these cylinders. This is built up through regular operation and can cause engine damage over time. A good cleaning gets these back to great shape and will get your engine running like it should for a lot longer!

Replacement Time

There are a lot of parts that can be replaced each time an engine is rebuilt. Anything that is broken or damaged will need to be replaced. On top of that, there are many parts that are changed out every time. Piston rings are an example of this. Camshaft bearings and freeze plugs are other great examples.

All gaskets are also replaced with engine repair. This ensures that everything is properly sealed and that you won’t have leaking or compression issues. Replacing the bad parts is what gives new life to your old beat up engine.

Engine Rebuild Experts

When you are in need of an engine rebuild or engine repair, you can count on us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. An engine rebuild is much more cost effective than an engine replacement. By the engine of your rebuild, your engine will be as good as new!

So if you feel like your engine isn’t running at all like it once did or if your engine has serious problems and you think rebuilding it might be an option, stop by A-1 Auto Tech, Inc., the engine rebuild experts. We’ll have your car running like new in no time!