Car Electrical Repair Mountain View, CA

Nothing is more terrifying to the average at home mechanic, than repairing electrical issues on a vehicle. So leave the worrying to us! Many people do not have a full understanding of electrical systems and this leads to them being afraid to repair their cars electrical systems.

Our skilled technicians here are more than happy to work on your vehicle. With a deep knowledge of electrical systems and a lot of hands-on experience diagnosing and repairing them, we have the skills needed to ensure your vehicle is repaired and that the repair lasts a long time. We offer the best auto electric service in town. With any electrical system, there are really only three issues that cause it to not function as it should.

Open Circuit

The first of these is an open circuit. This means that the flow of electrons is interrupted by something and this is not allowing the current to flow through the circuit. The most common examples of this is a broken wire or a load (ex. a light bulb) that has failed or burned out.

This will stop the circuit from operating as electricity cannot flow. Our expert technicians are professionals when it comes to finding these open circuits quickly and then making the circuit like brand new.

Short Circuit

The second of these problems is a short circuit. This happens when electricity is diverted from it’s desired path and flows somewhere else. This can happen when a wire wears down it’s outer protective layer and then touches metal. The current will flow from the wire to the metal or ground. This way the electricity never arrives to the load.

Most often a short circuit will result in a blown fuse. This is a good indication that you have a short circuit problem. Our expert technicians can quickly find and repair any short circuit and ensure that everything on your car works as it should.

Unwanted Resistance

The last issue that you might find in your vehicle is unwanted resistance. Resistance is measured in ohms and ideally should be close to zero. Several things can cause the resistance to increase. If the resistance gets to high, not enough electrical current will arrive at the load and it will either not work at all or very weakly.

This can often be caused by poor connections or worn wires. Whatever the issue may be, you can count on our technicians to quickly diagnose and repair this issue.

Best in the Business

For us, electrical issues are a breeze. We are more than happy to take a look at your vehicle. Electrical systems do not need to be scary. With years of experience working on these systems combined with the latest electrical diagnostic equipment, we are confident that we can fix your electrical issues on your car.

No matter what it is, no job is too difficult. If you are in need of auto electric repair, don’t hesitate to stop by today. It will be the best decision that you have ever made! You can count on us!