Mechanic_Under_HoodIf there is one system on your car that you want to always be operating at it’s best, it’s your brakes. When your car is need of brake service, come see us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. Our skilled ASE certified technicians have experience repairing brakes on all makes and models of cars. Whether it’s your rotors or your master cylinder, we guarantee a high-quality professional brake repair.

Malfunctioning brakes can be a very scary thing. As soon as you notice something strange about your brakes, come get it inspected before the problem gets worse and damages more components or puts your life in danger.

Fluid Leaks

Have you ever been driving your car and noticed that the brake pedal falls to the floor slowly and effortlessly? When you press on the brakes, you should notice resistance. This problem is serious and needs to fixed immediately.

This is caused by a brake fluid leak. There also could be air in the system. Without the proper pressure in your brake system, it will not operate at all how it is supposed to. We have the skills to effectively bleed your brakes and repair any leaks.

Bad Rotors

Have you ever been driving your car and felt the brakes vibrate when you press on the brake pedal? This is a result of unevenly-worn rotors. Because they are worn out unevenly, the pad cannot evenly apply friction to them. This causes a vibration that can be very easily noticed by the driver.

This often is the result of towing heavy loads or driving downhill. When you notice this, come see us at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. and we will replace your rotors. That way your brakes can operate exactly as they should for a long time and you can have a smoother and safer ride.

Uneven Brake Wear

Brake RepairHave you noticed your vehicle pulling to one side when you apply the brakes? This is a common problem that occurs as a result of uneven brake wear. A good way to test this is by checking to see whether your vehicle pulls to one side or the other while accelerating or simply engine braking.

If your vehicle goes straight under these conditions but does pull to one side when braking, then you have an uneven brake wear condition. Our expert technicians can make sure that your vehicle gets repaired and runs like new. It isn’t worth risking driving on bad brakes.

Whatever You Need

If you notice anything at all wrong with your brakes, don’t hesitate to get them looked at. It isn’t worth it to risk your own life and the other precious cargo that might also be inside. Let our A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. be the brake shop to make sure that your brakes are performing as perfectly as they should so that you can be safe out there.

There isn’t a price on safety and at A-1 Auto Tech our customers safety is our top priority. Whatever you may notice about your brakes, we can help. Stop on in today and our friendly technicians will get your car stopping better than ever!