Auto Repair Business Mountain View, CA

There are many companies around that will repair your car if you will let them. And some of them even do a really good job. But if you want to take your vehicle to the auto repair service that other shops send the work that they can’t do, the A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is the place to go. We get the work other shops don’t want to tackle because it is too difficult.

Our technicians have all of the latest training and state of the art equipment to tackle your toughest auto repair problems. And best of all we care about you as our customers. We love the auto repair business! We treat our customers exactly how we would want to be treated ourselves. Our dedication to our customers is how we have remained a leader  in our field for so long.

Auto Engine Repair

Not only can we change your oil and service your engine, we can completely rebuild it if you need us to. We are experts at engine repair. This is something that not every auto truck repair mechanic is able to say. Trust me when I say you do not want just any mechanic rebuilding your engine. I have many customers that have learned that the hard way at other auto shops.

If you need some minor engine work done, your head gaskets replaced, or a complete engine rebuild we will do the job right. We have all of the latest training and equipment to get your car fixed the way it should be.

Auto & Truck Brake Repair

We also love the brake repair business! Brakes are something that can be repaired correctly, and last a very long time. Or you can cut corners and have to replace them again often. We do brakes the right way. When you have A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. repair your brakes you know that they will last a long time. And you know they will function the way they are supposed to and keep you safe.

If you use quality parts, OEM or OEM quality, that is only half of the job. You also need to turn the drums or rotors in most cases. Not needing to do that is a rare exception. We have all of the equipment right here and can do so in house. This saves our customers a lot of money and time. You get the job done right, no cutting corners, and you get the very best price. That is the A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. way!

Auto Transmission Repair

We get asked all the time if we can do as good a job as a transmission shop in repairing a transmission. The truth is we do as many transmissions as many transmission shops do. Plus we have all of the same training and state of the art equipment that they do. We are your local transmission experts!

The other benefit you get from doing your auto repair here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is that when we are doing your lube, oil and filter, we also check all of the fluids in your car, including your transmission fluid. Often we can spot signs of trouble before the repair becomes as expensive as it could be. Going with the best has its advantages.