Auto Electric Service Mountain View, CA

A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.has proven over the last 25 years that we know electrical systems. Today’s automobiles are more advanced than ever before. A single vehicle can have over 25 different computers in it. Almost everything in the vehicle uses electricity to operate. For the average person, diagnosing and repairing electrical issues might be intimidating. That isn’t the case with us here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.!

Our skilled technicians are ASE certified in electrical systems and have proven that they understand the principles of electricity, how to diagnose electrical systems, and how to properly repair electrical faults. We are your car electrical repair experts! Whatever electrical issue you may have, you can count on us here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc.!

What is Electricity?

For many people, the way that electricity works is a mystery. You may have heard words such as voltage, amps, ohms, or watts. But what actually is electricity? Electricity is the the flow of electrons. A good way to think of voltage, is the pressure of the electricity in the circuit. Amps are a measure of the current of flow of the electricity. Ohms are the resistance of the circuit. Watts is the amount of power that the electricity can provide,

Understanding the basics of electricity is crucial to properly being able to diagnose electrical systems. When something goes wrong with an electrical system, the cause of the problem is usually a lot less obvious and requires more testing.

Electrical Repair Technology

To aid our technicians in repairing electrical systems, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure quick and long-lasting repairs. Our mechanics here are well-trained with this equipment and are experienced at diagnosing electrical systems.

We have everything from voltmeters to lab scopes. By not sparing any cost as to the equipment, we are able to ensure that our technicians have the best tools in the business so that they can offer the best auto electric repair in the business.

Expert Researchers

As far as electrical systems go, the more you know about a specific system on a vehicle, the better you can diagnose it. The key to quickly being able to find faults, is understanding how electricity flows in any given vehicles electrical system.

That is why here at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. we pride ourselves in our technician’s abilities to research and learn about the cars they are working on. Our technicians will study wiring diagrams for your vehicle to ensure they understand how the circuit works. Using this information, diagnosis is much faster and we can have your vehicle back on the road in no time!

Expert Electricians

There’s a reason we’ve been around so long in the Mountain View, CA area. We really are the best in the business. You can count on our skilled auto repair technicians to repair any electrical fault your vehicle may have.

Come on in today and we can get your vehicle back to running like new as soon as possible. You can’t go wrong when you trust your vehicle with the best in the business.