Since 1987, the team at A-1 Auto Tech has offered outstanding auto repair service with an emphasis on customer service and professionalism to the greater Mountain View community. Our team believes that every driver deserves a safe and reliable vehicle, and our technicians do everything they can to ensure this.

A-1 Auto Tech technicians are AAA approved, ASE certified and experienced in working with all makes and models. Whether you are in need of a challenging model-specific repair, or an air filter replacement, our team is here to help.

So, if you are a resident of the Rex Manor community, know that we are eager to keep your car in top shape. Please take a look at a few of the services we offer below.

Extensive and Quality Auto Repairs

Being without a vehicle because of a repair issue can be frustrating. Your day-to-day routine of commuting to work or running errands requires the constant need of a car, and our team understands that. We will work to ensure that your vehicle is not off the road longer than necessary.

A-1 Auto Tech technicians are skilled in getting to the heart of the problem and creating a solution that is thorough, efficient, and easy on your budget. So, whether you are in need of a complex engine rebuild, electrical system repair, or scheduled maintenance, our team is here to help.

Reliable Electrical System Repairs

Today’s cars rely on complex computer systems more than ever before. From your infotainment dashboard to the operation of your engines, cars have an extensive electrical system. Therefore, there are a lot of ways things can go wrong, and that’s where the team at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. comes in.

While our team specializes in working with GM, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford vehicles, they have the tools and experience to work with a wide variety of makes, models, and fuel types.

Our team will run the required diagnostic test to get to the root of the electrical system problem you are facing. So, if you are in possible need of repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle in today.

Affordable Tune Ups

Did you know that regular tune-ups can contribute to the long-term health of your car? Tune-ups allow professional technicians to catch any smaller engine issues that can expand into larger ones down the line. Routine tune-ups can lower your car’s emissions, build power and efficiency, and enhance your fuel economy.

Our team will inspect your engine, examine your spark plugs, replace any air filters that need it, and take a look at your fuel system.

We will be sure to communicate any issues to ensure you are only paying for what you need. If you would like a comprehensive and affordable tune-up, call us to set up an appointment today. We are the very best at Auto Repair Rex Manor, CA.

More About Rex Manor, CA

Rex Manor is a residential area located within West Middlefield Road and North Shoreline Boulevard. It houses a little under 4,000 residents and is accessible to a number of major highways.

Residents are close to multiple museums and educational areas such as Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, Computer History Museum, and the Moffett Historical Society Museum. The area is also close to many parks and open spaces like Stevenson Park, Rengstorff Park and Baseball Field, and San Vernon Park.