The team at A-1 Auto Tech is proud to serve the greater Mountain View community as well as the city of Mountain View. Since 1987, the A-1 Auto Tech team has provided outstanding customer service and excellent auto repair and maintenance services.

Each of our technicians is AAA approved, ASE certified and experienced in even the most complex of auto repairs. We specialize in providing a professional and quality customer experience while also offering a two year/24,000 warranty for every repair.

Regardless of the make, model, or fuel type, our team is prepared to provide quality maintenance and auto repairs.

Thorough Emission Repairs

Are you unsure if your vehicle can pass standard state emission tests? Well, bring your car in for the A-1 Auto Tech team for a comprehensive emission evaluation and repair. We understand the importance of passing state emissions exam.

The ability to drive your vehicle can depend on it, that is why we are proud to have technicians that are also smog and emissions experts. We will run every test possible to ensure your vehicle is meeting California state emission standards.

Whether you need a new muffler, exhaust, or a catalytic converter, our team is prepared to help your car run cleanly and smoothly.

Expert Engine Repair and Servicing

Not only are our technicians well-trained, but they also have the best tools possible to work with to solve any major engine repair issue. Our state-of-the-art facility houses the newest and most efficient car repair technology.

So, even if you are experiencing severe problems with your engine, you never have to worry about being off the road for too long. The A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. team are experts in dealing with simple and complex engine repair issues.

Not only will we inspect your vehicle, but we will also take the time to evaluate all the components impacted by it. If you are experiencing engine issues, we invite you to bring in your car today.

Superb Lube, Oil, and Filter Service 

Keeping up to date on your lube, oil, and filer service can prevent a lot of larger issues down the line. All three can have a serious impact on your engine, so it is crucial to always have a professional perform these routine services.

Our technicians understand the importance of maintaining the safety of your vehicle. They know that these routine services can lead to the discovery of more serious issues, so they take the inspection, examination, and replacement process seriously.

If something is found, our technicians will be sure to communicate with you, so you are only paying for the services you need. We are the very best at Auto Repair Mountain View, CA.

More About Mountain View, California 

The city of Mountain View houses over 81,000 residents and is named for its striking views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The area is close to Palo Alto and borders the famous San Francisco Bay.

While residents can enjoy the beautiful parks, trails, and urban feel of the downtown area, Mountain View is known housing a large number of technology companies and research centers. Google, Intuit, LinkedIn, Microsoft, the NASA Ames Research Center, and Mozilla are all located within Mountain View.