You deserve an auto repair shop that makes the health and safety of your car their first priority. Allow a team that has been in the auto repair business since 1987 to efficiently and affordably take care of your repair and maintenance needs.

The team at A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. is dedicated to offering professional, customer-centric, and impeccable service to the residents of Jackson Park, California.

Our technicians are AAA approved, ASE certified, and have years of experience helping customers keep their cars operational and in top shape. We also offer a two year/24,000 warranty on all repairs. See how we can better serve you.

Outstanding Auto Repair Services 

Regardless of the make, model, and fuel type, our technicians are prepared to take care of any urgent situation that arises with your car.

You deserve to have a safe vehicle that runs without issue, and our technicians firmly believe in ensuring that you are not without your vehicle longer than what is necessary.

So, allow our team to take care of your next engine repair, oil change, air filter installation, or transmission inspection. You never know when a smaller issue can turn into a larger one, so bring your vehicle to us as soon as you sense a problem. We guarantee you won’t regret it!

Exemplary Electrical Repair Services

Is your current car battery in its fourth year? Are your dashboard lights dimmer than usual? Do you hear grinding when you attempt to start up your vehicle?

If your car is experiencing these issues, it is time to have one of our trained technicians take a look at your vehicle. An electrical system malfunction can make operating your car almost impossible. So, don’t be without your vehicle, let us service your electrical system.

We are committed to running every diagnostic test possible to get to the center of the problem. If electrical issues are making it challenging to drive your car, we invite you to set up an appointment today.  We are the very best at Auto Repair Jackson Park, CA.

Affordable Tune-Ups

Car and engine tune-ups are a regular part of car ownership, and much like us, cars are in need of check-ups. Routine tune-ups allow for the inspection of critical components of the vehicle, and can even enable technicians to identify issues that could become more significant problems later on.

Letting the team at A-1 Auto Tech inspect and tune-up your car can contribute to lower emissions, increased power and performance, and can improve the whole health of your car.

We also work to ensure that tune-ups are efficient and affordable, so you can preserve the health of your vehicle without worrying about putting a dent in your budget.

More About Jackson Park, CA

Located a half an hour away from the NASA Ames Research Center, Jackson Park is a neighborhood located in Mountain View, California. The area is a satisfying mix of old residential homes and new developments that are influenced by the evolution of downtown Mountain View.

Even though the neighborhood is close to the city, residents can enjoy multiple parks, trails, and mountainous views. Numerous local bakeries and shopping areas define the area. Jackson Park is an excellent blend of urban life within natural settings.