Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, the team at A-1 Auto Tech, prepared to repair any auto problem or malfunction.

Our technicians are AAA approved, ASE certified and experienced in handling a variety of gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles. If you are a resident of East Palo Alto, know that we would like to be your one-stop-shop for all auto repair issues or scheduled maintenance appointments.

Since 1987, we have enjoyed servicing the greater Mountain View community. It is our pleasure to extend services to the residents of East Palo Alto. Take a look at the services you can receive when you visit A-1 Auto Tech.

Affordable and Reliable Radiator Repair

Have you noticed that your car is running hotter than usual? If so, it may be time to have the A-1 Auto Tech team to take a look at your radiator.

Over the years, solid deposits can form within the radiator that can clog pipes and prevent it from cooling the engine. If not dealt with soon, it can have costly and damaging effects down the line.

The A-1 Auto Tech team has years of experience performing radiator repairs. So, before a smaller problem turns into a larger and more expensive one, let our team service your radiator today.

Thorough and Complete Transmission Repair

Do you see a check engine light? Is there grinding or shaking when you change gears? Is fluid leaking from the bottom of your car? It might be time to have someone look at your transmission.

This component is responsible for the ability to shift gears within your vehicle. If it malfunctions, it can cause many problems with your driving experience.

So, let our well-trained and experienced technicians work with your car to get to the root of the problem. We know that your time is precious so, regardless of the issue, we will have your transmission up and running in no time. We are the very best at Auto Repair East Palo Alto, CA.

Full and Accurate Wheel Alignment Services 

Is your car pulling to one side of the road? Can you feel your steering wheel vibrate as you drive? If you are experiencing these (or other alignment issues), it is time to have an A-1 Auto Tech professional check your wheel and tire alignment.

When your wheel alignment is off, your capability to control your vehicle is compromised. This situation makes off-road collisions and accidents with other cars a greater possibility. Don’t risk your safety.

Let our team of experienced and thoughtful technicians inspect and fix your vehicle. You deserve a safe ride. Let us ensure you have one.

More About East Palo Alto, CA

East Palo Alto, California is located in San Mateo County. The city is home to over 28,000 residents and sits to the east of the San Francisco Bay. East Palo Alto is known for housing a significant ecological area that lies close to the Dumbarton Bridge.

This sensitive environmental base is home to multiple species of birds, fish, and many mammals. Residents of East Palo Alto can also enjoy the undisturbed marshland trail of the Baylands Nature Preserve, an area that connects Mountain View, Palo Alto, and the city of East Palo Alto.