The team at A1 Auto Tech, Inc. specializes in superior auto repair and maintenance service, while also showing a dedication to excellent customer service.

We are happy to serve the Cupertino, California area, and are excited to help all drivers in the area keep their cars in top shape. Since 1987, A1 Auto Tech has provided premium auto repair services to the greater Mountain View area.

We believe that every driver should have access to affordable auto repair and maintenance services that promote safe driving practices as well as environmental sustainability. We will be honored if you choose us for your next auto repair or scheduled maintenance. See how we are here to serve you and the Cupertino community.

Premium Emission Repair

We believe that every car should contribute to a healthy and clean environment. Therefore, our technicians are prepared to help your vehicle pass all required state emissions tests.

We are proud to be smog and emission experts, and our AAA approved, and ASE certified technicians are experienced in running the tests necessary to identify any problems with your car’s emissions.

Whether you need a catalytic converter repair or need an exhaust or muffler replacement, we are ready to handle all your emission repair needs. If there is any question about your vehicle’s capability of passing the state emissions test, we invite you to bring your car in for service.

Comprehensive Engine Repair

Your engine is the centerpiece of your vehicle’s operation. Therefore, it is crucial to always keep an eye on its condition.

An engine malfunction can keep your car off the road for a long time, and can also create expensive problems to fix. So, at the first sign of any issues, allow the A1 Auto Tech team to handle any repairs or scheduled maintenance.

If you are having problems starting your vehicle, are experiencing idling or stalling, or sense overheating, bring in your car for us to inspect your engine and create a plan to solve the problem.

Excellent Lube, Filter, and Oil Service 

Sometimes, it may feel unnecessary to always keep up on routine services like lube, filter, and oil changes. However, it is important to make a practice of always handling these small issues before they become larger ones.

Routinely changing your oil can prevent eventual engine failure, while providing lube service can prevent corrosion and further damage down the line.

The A1 Auto Tech team understands the importance of routine maintenance and service. So, let them help you avoid more severe issues by taking care of your next lube, filter, and oil service. We guarantee that you won’t regret it! We are the very best at Auto Repair Cupertino, CA.

More About Cupertino, CA

Located in Santa Clara County, Cupertino is California’s center of technology and innovation. The area boasts 60,000 residents and is well-known for being a part of the world-famous Silicon Valley.

It is a major city within the Bay Area, is in proximity to San Francisco, and is the notable home for Apple’s headquarters.

The area is known for its diversity, as 40 percent of residents were born outside of the United States. City-dwellers can enjoy annual events such as the Diwali Festival of Lights, Cherry Blossom Festival, and Tournament of the Bands.