5 Signs Your Brakes Need to Be Repaired

Your brakes are your car’s number one safety feature and if they are giving you trouble, get your car to a repair shop right away. Effective braking could be the difference between stopping just in time and being involved in a serious accident. If you experience any of the following braking issues, contact your local auto mechanic right away. A-1 Auto Tech, Inc. of course is the very best in town.

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Brakes squeal or howl

There are two main reasons brakes may make noise when they are ready for repair. One of them involves a small mechanism that is activated when you hit the brakes that is activated by low brake pads. This sound usually will be a squealing noise coming from the wheel. The second type of sound is a howling or grinding that is likely happening because of metal on metal contact, meaning you have very little or no brake pads left, which is extremely dangerous. A sound coming from the wheels is often the first sign of brake failure, so be sure to get your car to your local car repair shop right away to have the problem fixed and keep your car safe.

Car shakes or vibrates 

If you experience shaking, vibrating or other off sensations when you apply the brakes there is a good chance you have warped rotors. Rotors are what disc brake pads grab to slow your vehicle so if these are warped it will greatly reduce your braking power.

Brake pedal is soft

A soft brake pedal, meaning that it has lots of “give” when you push on it, than it is probable your car’s brake pads are worn down or your leaking brake fluid. Another serious explanation could be air in the brake lines.

Car pulls to one side when braking

If you hit the brakes and your car tries to swerve to one side than there is likely something wrong with the brake system. Problems could include uneven wear on the brake pads, a stuck brake cylinder or impurities in the brake fluid. To have the issue diagnosed take your vehicle to a brake repair center right away.

ABS light

If the ABS light on your dashboard comes on head to the repair shop right away. ABS stands for Anti-lock braking system and if the light comes on it means that sensors are detecting some sort of issue!

Never put off having brake trouble checked out, as it is up to you to keep your car safe! To schedule expert brake repair in Mountain View make an appointment with A-1 Auto Tech. We are your source for full service auto repair and brake shop! Give us a call at (650) 487-2240 to make an appointment for quality auto repair in Mountain View or the surrounding area.