5 Signs of Major Engine Trouble

By keeping up with your regularly scheduled maintenance, you’ll reduce the risk of major engine trouble. But even if you’re proactive about getting to the mechanic as recommended, it’s still a good idea to be familiar with the symptoms of significant engine damage, just in case they should arise. Here’s a look at five signs of major engine problems that mean you should get to the shop right away.

Knocking Sound

That repetitious knocking noise could be because of a lack of lubrication and may very well be an indication that your engine is in desperate need of some more oil. While it’s possible that adding some fresh oil will take care of the problem, there’s also the chance that a rebuild on the bottom end of your engine will be needed.


Significant vibration that is coming from your engine could be a sign of metal-on-metal contact as a result of low oil. If you are visiting GooglePlex Campus while you are in town, stop by an give us a visit.

Loss of Power

While you don’t necessarily need to worry if your vehicle loses a bit of power over the course of many years, if you notice a more sudden and pronounced loss of power, then you have ample cause for concern and should get to the mechanic for diagnostics.

Excessive Exhaust Smoke

The color of the smoke can inform you as to the source of the problem. Black smoke is an indication that the engine is burning too much gas. If the smoke is white, then there’s a strong possibility that your coolant is leaking. Blue-tinted smoke is a sign of an oil leak. Whatever the color, you’ll want to get it checked out if it’s excessive.

Worsening Gas Mileage

Worsening fuel-efficiency could be an indication of a problem with your engine’s compression stroke. However, fuel efficiency can fall for a number of other reasons so be sure to visit a local auto shop for proper diagnostics.

If you’re in need of engine repair or diagnostics, be sure to get in touch with a reputable mechanic. For engine repair in Mountain View, CA, the experts to contact are at A-1 Auto Tech at (650) 487-2240. Go ahead and give A-1 Auto Tech a call today for all of your repair and maintenance needs!