5 Signs of Cooling System Failure that Need Your Attention

The cooling system’s primary function is to reduce the engine operating temperature to ensure that parts don’t quite literally melt. Without the cooling system the engine would operate at extreme temperatures causing numerous problems for the internal parts of the motor. In most vehicles the cooling system operates by pumping a liquid known as coolant through the engine to cool the moving parts.

If the system were to fail than you could experience major engine trouble, such as blown head gaskets or a cracked block. If you experience any of these symptoms of cooling system trouble head to the mechanic as soon as possible.

White smoke coming from under the hood

One of the most common signs that there’s trouble with the cooling system is white smoke pouring out from under the hood of your vehicle. This means that there is already overheating occurring and to avoid any possible damage, or further damage for that matter, be sure to pull over right away.

A rising temperature gauge

Hopefully before you experience any smoking of the engine you will notice that your temperature gauge is beginning to rise to the red zone. This will be your first indication of potential trouble. When you are safe and able to do so pull into a service station or a gas station and let your car rest. Once it is cool check the coolant levels. If they are found to be low you will need to add more antifreeze liquid or simply add some water in order to make the rest of your journey, before heading to the repair shop.

Low coolant levels

A vehicle’s automotive and cooling fluids are very important. On occasion you should conduct regular maintenance for your vehicle, including checking the fluids such as automatic transmission fluid, the engine oil, power steering fluid and of course your coolant levels. If the coolant levels are low it means there is likely some form of leak. Regardless as to if you can spot a leak or not you’ll want to get to a mechanic right away to avoid potential damage, as operation with low coolant levels can be lethal for your car’s engine.

White exhaust smoke

If you find that your car does have low coolant levels, but see no visible coolant leak, there’s a good chance it is being burnt up inside the engine. If this is occurring you will also experience large puffy clouds of white exhaust smoke.

Visible coolant leak

The most obvious sign that there’s trouble with the cooling system would be a visible coolant leak. This liquid is a often a bright green, sweet smelling liquid that is highly attractive, yet very poisonous to animals. If you find a leak be sure to thoroughly clean it up and then make an appointment with your local auto repair shop to ensure your vehicle will last many more miles.

It is imperative that you conduct regular cooling system service maintenance, such as coolant flushes, in order to ensure the system remains healthy and operational. If you need cooling system repair Mountain View make an appointment with A-1 Auto Tech. Our team of ASE certified techs offer full service radiator repair! Contact us today at (650) 487-2240 to request expert auto repair in Mountain View and the neighboring communities.

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