Engine Repair: 2 Common Diesel Injector Problems

Mechanic_Under_HoodThere is nothing quite like the sound of a diesel engine firing up and running strong. The puff of smoke and roar of the engine can really get the heart pumping, if that’s the sound your going for. Unfortunately a couple common problem with diesel engines fuel injectors may halt you in your tracks.

There are several issues that can occur that will dampen the diesel’s ability to run or bring the work day to an early end. Here are two of the most common problems related to diesel fuel injector units and how these issues are able to be diagnosed and resolved.

Cracked Injector

For a diesel engine to start there must be pressure built up in the fuel rail. This pressure is created by allowing the engine to crank for a few seconds prior to firing. If an injector cracks it can result in a loss of pressure causing at least elongated cranking time but it will eventually prevent the vehicle from starting.

In some cases you can see where the crack is by getting the vehicle started and allowing it to idle then looking under the hood to see if you can spot a small amount of smoke coming from an injector. This is a sure sign of a crack that will need to be immediately addressed to prevent larger issues.

Restricted Injection Valve

The type of oil used in diesel motors is extremely important, often more so than general gas powered vehicles. This is because these engines utilize hydraulic force to operate the high pressure injection units and using the wrong kind of oil can cause what is known as fake injection pressures. This occurs due to oxygen being carried by the oil which comes into contact with the hydraulic system.

The system is not designed to have air in it and it results in the creation of a foam, resulting in misfiring injectors due to the fake injection pressure that is occurring. To prevent this problem always be sure that you are using the manufacturer’s recommended oil and having the oil changed at the appropriate mileage intervals.

If your diesel engine begins to have a rough time starting, idling or accelerating there’s a fair chance it will be related to a problem with the fuel injection system. The best way to have the issue resolved is by leaving the diagnosis and repair to an expert diesel repair mechanic. If you need diesel repair in Mountain View head to A-1 Auto Tech.

Our expert auto repair team will quickly diagnose and repair any issues, including engine trouble, with your diesel or gas vehicle. We can both change your oil and do major engine repair. When you experience performance issues, trouble stopping or need auto electric repair, don’t hesitate to call 650-487-2240 to schedule superior auto repair in Mountain View or the surrounding area.